Month: November 2015

Reasons to Outsource Warehousing and Distribution

By Millennium Logistics 24 November, 2015

  Whether you are a start-up company that is just coming into the market or you have a large company that is searching for new opportunities, you can benefit from outsourcing with Millennium Logistics Management. There are many companies that are outsourcing warehousing and distribution services and this allows those companies to focus on other […]

What Millennium Logistics can do for your business

By Millennium Logistics 16 November, 2015

  With logistics being a general term that covers a wide range of services, we thought we would take a moment to cover some of the logistics related categories we offer here at Millennium Logistics.   Retail Logistics Store Fixture Roll-outs, Setting up Displays/Kiosks and covering the last mile of your deliveries to insure your inventory […]

Shipping is Never Free

By Millennium Logistics 09 November, 2015

Often times you will see advertisements or notes from your supplier indicating that shipping is “Free”. However is the shipping of your goods really free? If you are currently not paying any shipping and handling costs there is a strong likelihood your shipping and handling costs are buried within the cost of the goods you […]

Researching Your Supply Chain

By Millennium Logistics 02 November, 2015

Knowing how much inventory your company holds and knowing where to position your inventory insures your business maintains a steady workflow, while reducing your transport costs. Researching Your Supply Chain is where Millennium Logistics can help your business reduce transport costs, along with eliminating problems in your supply chain before they occur.   Some questions every business owner or supply chain […]