Month: December 2015

Your Next Retail Roll-out (Finding the best company)

By Millennium Logistics 28 December, 2015

Tips in Finding Your Next Retail Roll-Out Company When it comes to finding the best national retail roll-out company, there is no room for error. In this process, timing is definitely critical for brand coherence. Delays in just one area can lead to an avalanche of unintended consequences. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to make […]

Supply Chain – Keys to Success

By Millennium Logistics 21 December, 2015

  First and Foremost: What is the definition of supply chain?                                 The Supply Chain is the process through which a company creates and distributes its products and services to the end user. This process includes a number of specific […]

Why logistics matter

By Millennium Logistics 13 December, 2015

  Although there are various reasons why logistics should matter to your business. We are going to focus on three areas why Logistics should matter to your business: Creating a competitive edge, providing organization for your staff, and improving customer relations.   Competitive Edge: Having an efficient and effective logistics process can separate your business from your […]

5 Successful Tips For Deploying Your Kiosk

By Millennium Logistics 07 December, 2015

  Just about everywhere you turn nowadays, you come across interactive kiosks, they’re everywhere! Many different businesses are deploying kiosks whether it be retail, entertainment, food service or government agencies (to name a few) with the intention of creating greater efficiency within their industry. The success stories are many, kiosks are making it possible for businesses […]

Retail Fixture Rollouts: The why, the how, the final results.

By Millennium Logistics 01 December, 2015

  With a growing and competitive market, retailers have to respond to a range of challenges which include: consumer demands, seasonal changes and even marketing initiatives. This creates a need for a flexible and uniquely tailored supply chain that can adapt to marketing trends and also support corporate initiatives such as re-branding and rollouts.   Picture […]