Month: January 2016

4 Ways To Improve Inbound Vendor Management

By Millennium Logistics 25 January, 2016

  Inbound supply chain management can oftentimes suffer and this is due mostly because it is so elaborate and requires a lot of attention. Lack of control and poor visibility many times leaves shippers at a loss for appropriate strategies and tools. In fact, research tells us that a large percentage of shippers are not prepared […]

5 Ways to reduce Your Supply Chain Costs

By Millennium Logistics 18 January, 2016

  Reducing your supply chain costs begins with monitoring the logistics of your management more closely. Millennium Logistics Management believes that a strong logistics process will provide savings and improve communications within your organization, between your organization and your vendors and most importantly between you and your customers. We can analyze existing processes, from initiation of an order […]

Last Mile Deliveries (3 Keys to Success)

By Millennium Logistics 11 January, 2016

  The last mile delivery is the movement of goods from a fulfillment center to their final destination. In other words, the “last mile” is the last leg of your product’s trip before it arrives on your client’s doorstep. This process is significant in the supply chain management business and if your system includes last mile delivery, your success begins […]

Eliminating Waste from Your Supply Chain

By Millennium Logistics 04 January, 2016

  What is waste in your supply chain and how can waste be identified? Identifying waste in your supply chain can take a great deal of knowledge and experience to properly identify it. Millennium Logistics Management can look at single aspects of your supply chain (or the entire supplier network) and help identify the “waste” by analyzing your […]