Month: March 2016

5 Steps to Overcome Shipping Disruptions

By Millennium Logistics 27 March, 2016

  We live in a time where supply chain managers face many challenges. In the past, various events and natural disasters have disrupted global supply chains critically resulting in far-reaching effects across diverse markets and geographies. In spite of this, logistics landscape likewise holds huge potential for supply chain technology developments that help organizations better […]

Selecting Different Trailer Types (The Pros and Cons)

By Millennium Logistics 20 March, 2016

  There are various types of trailer options that shippers can consider when shipping freight and several things go into consideration when determining the pros and the cons of each individual trailer type including (but not limited) to freight availability, haul length and wait times. As the leader in transportation logistics, Millennium Logistics Management is happy to […]

Tips to Making Your Supply Chain More Dynamic

By Millennium Logistics 13 March, 2016

  In the supply chain industry, businesses are often experiencing a changing environment. There are many factors that contribute to these changes (from unpredictable customer demands to supply chain disruptions), which must be managed efficiently and in a timely manner in order to succeed in this competitive market.   As a business, there are many things […]

How to Attract the Best Carriers

By Millennium Logistics 06 March, 2016

  With a current demand for shipping and outpaced capacity, carriers are constantly working hard to operate more efficiently. Even with significant demand growth, the majority of asset-based trucking companies are concerned about regulations, rising trailer costs and recruiting new drivers; which leads to their unpreparedness to add capacity. Considering the things aforementioned, how can shippers attract (and […]