Month: April 2016

What is The Difference Between MTS and TMS Transportation?

By Millennium Logistics 24 April, 2016

  With so many options in the logistics industry, it is easy to confuse the different services third party logistics companies offer. Whether some of this confusion may be caused by general unfamiliarity with the logistics industry, the many available services offered, or because companies do not want to waste their time worrying about transportation, […]

3 Tips for Maintaining a Steady Supply Chain in Remote Locations

By Millennium Logistics 17 April, 2016

  There are many industries operating in remote locations (like oil, gas, and mining industries) that rely on a smooth supply chain performance. However, the shipping to and from remote locations is not only challenging but costly; this type of transportation demands strict control, planning and analysis. For example, oil and gas industries experience fluctuating […]

Avoiding Disruptions in Your Supply Chain

By Millennium Logistics 10 April, 2016

    We live in a complicated world. A world in which everything that happens around us affects us all in one way or another. Supply chains are no exception; over the years, supply chains have become longer and more complex and at the same time, the severity and frequency of supply chain disruptions seem […]

3 Ways CPG Shippers Can Reduce LTL Shipping Costs

By Millennium Logistics 03 April, 2016

  Research has determined that nearly 37% of your sales dollars are likely buried in logistics costs from vendor to customer. A strong logistics process provides savings, which is why in this article, Millennium Logistics Management would like to provide you with 3 ways CPG shippers can reduce LTL shipping costs.   The heavy dependency […]