Month: May 2016

Palletizing The Right Way (5 Tips)

By Millennium Logistics 29 May, 2016

  In this article, Millennium Logistics Management explores the benefits of palletizing the right way and even offers 5 tips to help you improve your current process.   Although you may think that palletizing is a simple task that consists of stacking boxes in the right order, in actuality, doing this simple process without the proper […]

Enhance Your Loading Dock Process

By Millennium Logistics 22 May, 2016

  Have you considered enhancing your loading dock process? If you haven’t, perhaps it’s because you haven’t considered the benefits of doing so. Or maybe you feel that your loading dock process is good as is. Whether you have considered this matter or not, we believe that there is always room for improvement and in […]

Overcoming Problems for CPG Shippers

By Millennium Logistics 15 May, 2016

  A large portion of CPG shippers consider shipping their biggest business obstacles. In fact, there are two major obstacles for consumer packaged goods (CPG) shippers; capacity and retailer’s demands. In this article, Millennium Logistics Management will explore these obstacles and provides solutions to overcome these problems for CPG shippers.   First, let’s discuss the two […]

Benefits of Partial Truckload Shipping

By Millennium Logistics 08 May, 2016

  Partial Truckload Shipping plays a major role in the transportation logistics industry and in this article, Millennium Logistics Management will discuss the many benefits we can experience from this type of service.   But, what is partial truckload shipping? Let’s us first explain what this means: Partial truckload, also known as volume LTL (which […]

3 Tips for Delivering Temperature-Sensitive Goods

By Millennium Logistics 01 May, 2016

  Managing the delivery of temperature-sensitive goods can be challenging for shippers, but not impossible. In this article, Millennium Logistics Management provides 3 significant tips for delivering temperature-sensitive goods effectively.   Today we have the advantage of using refrigerated shipping trailers which makes transporting temperature-sensitive goods manageable; from farm fresh produce to fresh flowers. Refrigerated trailers are efficient because […]