Month: July 2016

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using A 4PL

By Millennium Logistics 31 July, 2016

  It is a known and proven fact that Fourth-Party Logistics (4PL) and outsourcing of nearly every conceivable logistics function is a very effective strategy which provides immediate financial and operational performance efficiencies that assist companies to reduce costs and improve supply chain performance. If your company is still debating whether or not to partner […]

Why Your Business Should Consider Expedited Shipping

By Millennium Logistics 24 July, 2016

  What is expedited shipping and how can your business benefit from it? Expedited shipping is the process of transferring freight in a much faster time than normal. Millennium Logistics Management explains why this process is beneficial and why your business should consider expedited shipping:   Your freight is always on a time schedule to […]

How to Handle Lost or Damaged Freight

By Millennium Logistics 17 July, 2016

  In one way or another, shipping is a major part of everyone’s life. There are various types of shipping, for different purposes, but one thing all types of shipping have in common is the fact that lost or damaged freight is a common and inevitable occurrence. In these instances, determining who is responsible for […]

3 Steps For Saving on Parcel Shipments

By Millennium Logistics 10 July, 2016

  What is parcel shipping? Parcel shipping refers to small package shipments and due to hidden fees and complex processes, they are usually left with limited visibility of overall freight spend. Millennium Logistics Management provides us with 3 steps for saving on parcel shipments:     Parcel Shipping is Anticipated to Increase In Costs! Due […]

5 Ways To Improve Loading Dock Effeciency

By Millennium Logistics 03 July, 2016

  How important is loading dock efficiency? As a matter of fact, the act of loading and unloading freight plays a crucial part in the overall transportation process. Millennium Logistics Management provides us with 5 effective ways to improve loading dock efficiency.     The following are 5 tips to keep dock operations effective and protected:   […]