Month: September 2016

Benefits of Standardizing Your Warehouse Processes

By Millennium Logistics 26 September, 2016

Today’s warehouses are complex, with a mix of people, products, and equipment. With all three elements moving around at an alarming and sometimes frenzied pace. Step into a warehouse in today’s environment and you will likely find Managers are more like conductors for an orchestra vs someone simply telling people where they should be and when. […]

4 Steps to Finding Cost Savings in Your Supply Chain

By Millennium Logistics 24 September, 2016

Here are four easy steps you can follow to create a leaner, more cost effective supply chain for your business.   DATA COLLECTION– The first most crucial step is insuring you have the most effective TMS (Transportation Management Service) for your business in place. With an effective TMS in place, you will be able to collect all of […]

Who Pays for Free Shipping?

By Millennium Logistics 11 September, 2016

“Free Shipping” is something you see advertised just about everywhere and something that seems more and more common each day. This has created a very competitive market, especially when smaller e-commerce merchandisers and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have to compete with large corporations such as, Inc. But when it comes to “free shipping” who actually […]

5 Questions You Should Ask When Selecting a 4PL

By Millennium Logistics 04 September, 2016

  How do you choose the right fourth party logistics provider for your company? With so many options available, this task can seem overwhelming! To help with this process, Millennium Logistics Management has put together the following questions you should consider when talking to potential 4PL providers:     Question #1:What Is The Company Culture? You should get […]