Author: Millennium Logistics

4 Reasons why it might be time to switch carriers

By Millennium Logistics 25 June, 2017

  Let’s face it, it is always easier to stick with an incumbent provider instead bringing in a new partner.  The reasons are many, including I.T. connectivity, customer service, sales familiarity, and knowledge of your business. However sticking with your current carrier might not always be the best option for your business. Here are four […]

How does Spot Market Freight work?

By Millennium Logistics 17 May, 2017

  Have you ever wondered about how the product you buy from a store ended up there? The complexities of a supply chain and the steps for moving freight to its end location are often overlooked. For manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers, logistics is a top priority to business operations. Accurately planning for efficient transportation routes […]

What are Freight Brokers?

By Millennium Logistics 17 April, 2017

  If you have never worked with a freight broker or are considering working with a freight broker. Here is some general information that will help you better understand how freight brokers work, along with the benefits of working with a freight broker. First, if you are not familiar with what a freight broker is, a […]

Supply Chain Visibility

By Millennium Logistics 17 March, 2017

  Supply Chain Visibility refers to understanding what goes on between the start and end of a process. With supply chain visibility, companies can analyze data and evaluate suppliers, processes and prices.   As an example, you turn a faucet based on demand. Product then flows through a network of pipes, all uniting in one […]

The Future of Last Mile Logistics

By Millennium Logistics 17 February, 2017

  In order to keep up with the evolving customer expectations and high volume of deliveries, these three innovations in last mile logistics are paving the way into the future.   Drones The biggest advantage to utilizing unmanned drones is speed. Without having to deal with road congestion and infrastructure issues, drones are able to […]