Category: Inbound Transportation

5 Ways To Improve Loading Dock Effeciency

By Millennium Logistics 03 July, 2016

  How important is loading dock efficiency? As a matter of fact, the act of loading and unloading freight plays a crucial part in the overall transportation process. Millennium Logistics Management provides us with 5 effective ways to improve loading dock efficiency.     The following are 5 tips to keep dock operations effective and protected:   […]

How to Cut Inbound Transportation Costs

By Millennium Logistics 05 June, 2016

  It is said that inbound freight management is multifaceted. Why is that? Millennium Logistics Management answers this question in this article and also provides us with some great information to help you cut inbound transportation costs!   Let’s first determine what we already know: An inbound freight management usually consists of a large manufacturer […]