Category: Inbound Vendor Management

3 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Outsource Inbound Vendor Management

By Millennium Logistics 28 February, 2016

  Inbound vendor management is such an important aspect of our industry, yet, it is something that is often neglected and companies pay the price for not taking control of this action. Today, industrial manufacturers are hit hard by economic conditions but the fact of the matter is that manufacturers play in integral role in […]

4 Ways To Improve Inbound Vendor Management

By Millennium Logistics 25 January, 2016

  Inbound supply chain management can oftentimes suffer and this is due mostly because it is so elaborate and requires a lot of attention. Lack of control and poor visibility many times leaves shippers at a loss for appropriate strategies and tools. In fact, research tells us that a large percentage of shippers are not prepared […]

Shipping is Never Free

By Millennium Logistics 09 November, 2015

Often times you will see advertisements or notes from your supplier indicating that shipping is “Free”. However is the shipping of your goods really free? If you are currently not paying any shipping and handling costs there is a strong likelihood your shipping and handling costs are buried within the cost of the goods you […]