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Reduce Transportation Costs by Optimizing Your Last Mile Logistics

By Millennium Logistics 17 December, 2016

When materials and components routinely cross thousands of miles in their supply chain, it seems implausible that the last tiny stretch of home delivery could pose a challenge or even increase your companies bottom line. However, last mile logistics presents an opportunity for not only balancing customer satisfaction but also reducing your transportation costs. Depending on order volume, […]

Tips for Improving Your Shipping Process

By Millennium Logistics 31 October, 2016

If your business can not afford to hire a 4PL company like Millennium Logistics to create an effective and efficient shipping strategy. Here are some tips to help your business save money on shipping:   1.) Match delivery requirements and fees for common shipments Once you’ve chosen a shipping service provider — such as UPS, […]

Benefits of Using a 4PL (4th Party Logistics) company

By Millennium Logistics 24 October, 2016

  Implementing a 4PL freight management system can bring clients many benefits including access to a uniform process via a transportation management system (TMS). Here are some of the other main advantages of using a 4PL company   Advantages of Outsourcing Logistics via 4PL Single point of contact Open-book management, full transparency Industry best practices […]

Benefits of Establishing (SOP’s) Standard Operating Procedures

By Millennium Logistics 17 October, 2016

One of the best ways to create a stable company is by ensuring you have set standard operating procedures for your supply chain/warehousing. Not only will SOP’s save you money. You will also create stability against employee turnover (essentially, creating a well oiled machine). Here are some of the benefits to implementing SOP’s:   1.) […]

Utilizing Technology in your Supply Chain

By Millennium Logistics 10 October, 2016

With Supply chains becoming increasing complex, the use of technology (through a transportation management system) to find more competitive rates, greater flexibility and enhancing operations has become vital to every supply chain looking to maintain a competitive edge. Successful 4PL relationships include a commitment to ongoing value through technology with access to historical and real-time […]