Inventory Network Tracking System

Knowledge is the key ingredient to a strong supply chain


Millennium Logistics realizes that knowledge is the key ingredient to a strong supply chain. MINTS is our Web-based management tool to provide our clients with Product Visibility throughout the supply chain. Any supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link and at Millennium we work hard to eliminate any weaknesses.

Our inventory network tracking site is designed for those clients who need Total Visibility of their assets while in transit or storage. Our secured site is password protected.


The MINTS program has been a key component to several programs that enabled companies to reduce logistics costs by merging products in transit.


Data Warehouse

• The DATA Warehouse is an invaluable tool. When 24/7/365 comprehensive information concerning all aspects of your project is a necessity, the Data Warehouse is the answer.


• The DATA Warehouse is where we post information on projects we are managing for our clients in a secure private area.


• From updates, to running costs of projects; to completion date of project.


• This utility is a huge asset for all Millennium clients that require data that can be accessed 24 hours per day 7 days per week via the internet.