Supply Chain Consultation Services

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Millennium Logistics Management researches our clients supply chain to find areas where they could be saving time and money by telling them how much inventory to hold, where to position it and define the most cost effective transport options.


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Are your Export, Import, ITAR and NAFTA compliance procedures working to avoid major fines and disruptions to your overseas supply chain?


Our Global Trade Compliance Group is ready to provide you with the following:

• Risk assessment report
• Checkup Analysis
• An Audit Analysis


We are thorough and affordable. Don’t wait until it is too late!


We can also provide Risk assessment, Checkup and Audit analysis on any of the following:


• Freight costs of your vendor purchases
• 3rd Party Warehousing
• Distribution methods
• Distribution positioning
• Shipping and receiving processes
• Cargo insurance policies and or needs
• Carrier Negotiations
• Carrier contracts