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A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Research has determined that nearly 37% of your sales dollars are likely buried in logistics costs from vendor to customer. A strong logistics process will provide savings and improve communications within your organization, between your organization and your vendors and most importantly between you and your customers.


As a 4PL, Millennium Logistics Management realizes that every client has different priorities for their logistics operations, and since we are non asset based and maintain low overhead, we exhibit flexibility in supply chain solutions that asset based 3PL’s do not.

supply chain management

Millennium Logistics Management can look at single aspects of your supply chain or the entire supplier network and help you manage the new processes, or we can manage it for you. We analyze existing processes, from initiation of an order through fulfillment, and evaluate modal selection, carrier utilization, and existing cost structures. We formulate a customized solution for your unique needs.


The purpose of integrating many functions of the logistics pipeline into one network is to develop a flow-through environment, and Millennium can do that for you.


Let us demonstrate how we have saved clients hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by utilizing lane sharing programs, vendor merged consolidations and vendor managed inventory programs.


Non-asset based logistics companies give you the ability to utilize their knowledge and experience when needed. When a particular project is complete, so are the expenses. Your company has in-house accountants, while employing an outside CPA firm. You can enlist the services of a logistics company for those projects you don’t have the time or staff to look at. Look at reducing your supply chain risk & costs for future budgets.


How can we help you improve your logistics processes?


• Vendor Managed Inventory
• Vendor Consolidation
• Lane sharing
• Fulfillment Projects
• Plant closing or relocations
• Warehousing and distribution
• Pick, pack and ship programs
• Setting up a global distribution network
• Setting up a domestic distribution network
• Return Goods Management
• Merge in transit specialists
• Turn Key Logistic solutions
• Real time visibility of inventory while in transit
• Freight Payment solutions
• Freight Routing Optimization
• Packaging Design