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Supply Chain Visibility

By Millennium Logistics 17 March, 2017


Supply Chain Visibility refers to understanding what goes on between the start and end of a process. With supply chain visibility, companies can analyze data and evaluate suppliers, processes and prices.


As an example, you turn a faucet based on demand. Product then flows through a network of pipes, all uniting in one channel that delivers the goods you and your customers need. Now, imagine those pipes are made of glass and you’re watching the supply chain move. Is it getting clogged? Is one pipe slowing the process? Is there highway construction slowing down the truck? In so many words, this is the essence of supply chain visibility.


The more you see and know, the more you can apply that knowledge to improving the supply chain process. Visibility provides shippers insight into arrival dates, freight conditions, delivery performance, inventory, inbound freight activity, labor management, consolidation options, and even sustainability. With insight into so many important functions of the supply chains, shippers are then able to moderate lead-time, mitigate risk and reduce costs.

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Supply Chain Visibility